You’re going to be okay



As we go through our awakening journey, we will experience our highest of highs, and will also be hit with our lowest of lows. These will all come in waves. We will be able to gracefully move through these waves if we just learn how to identify each stage and manage accordingly.

I experience my awakening lows most commonly during the early stages of my spiritual awakening journey, and throughout it when I am going through a new shift in frequency. You may experience these lows early on as you begin to see beyond the veils of illusions and expose yourself to the corrupt and chaotic world that we live in – people killing and eating animals for their pleasure, peoples disregard for the environment, the entire matrix of a system that we live in. This can often put people into slumps for extended periods of time. Witnessing the destruction of the world right before our eyes is something hard to swallow.

Another way that you may experience periods of awakening lows is when you are shifting from one frequency to another. As a lot of you may know, this shift can happen often quite often and at a very rapid rate! You just feel that your level of growth is accelerating at ridiculous rates and you don’t know how to slow down. Because you are shifting so quickly out of your old frequency and into your new, the things around you – job, people, environment, food etc – will very quickly be out of alignment to you. Because of this, we all need to learn how to manage these awakening lows to make the most of the situation so we can continue on our journey.

1. Understand that it is just temporary

A very important thing that I have learnt so far along my awakening journey is that everything is temporary, including our lows. These lows signify times of change approaching your way, even though in the moment it may not appear or feel like it. By understanding that it is only temporary, we will let go of resisting this low wave. Letting go of this resistance allows us to flow more smoothly through this stage. enjoy it

2. Take action

As I have mentioned, awakening lows often indicate periods of change. But this change will only occur if you take action. Taking action allows us to shift out of the low and ascend back to our top. You will remain in your lows for as long as you wish. Meaning, you will remain in your low if you continue to see it as a low, rather than an opportunity for your next levels of growth. Taking action however requires appropriate timing. Any forced action will result in being MORE stuck and little progress will be achieved. Feel into your flow and only take action when it FEELS right. Trust me, you will know.

3. Eat a healthy plant-based diet

During our lows, our energy levels are at a slump. We often feel that sleeping 8 hours isn’t enough, working 1-2 hours feels draining, and just every day activity requires more effort and brain power then usual. Eating a nutritious high in energy will help replenish your depleted fuel. Incoporate all the fresh greens you can, consume your fruits, and devour them roasted nuts. We don’t want to fill our low energy body with more low energy food! Its just like pouring the right kind of petrol into your car. The wrong kind of petrol will allow you to drive your car, but for a shorter distance and can even destroy your engine.

4. Notice the small positive moments

Quite often during our awakening lows, we tend to overlook the beautiful moments of life. The moments that once captured our attention and allowed us to see the extraordinary world we live in. Take some time out to pet a random dog that walks past. Smell a wild flower. Sit under the sun at the park. Even skip down the street without caring who would see you! These small but beautiful moments is what we live for and here to experience and feel, so don’t let moments of lows blind you from their existence, for they may just be the things that pull you out of your darkness.

5. Keep a routine

On my our awakening journey, I have personally found that when I am experiencing my awakening lows, my routine and schedules all become out of wack! I have a tendency to drift in and out of tasks which consequently makes the tasks harder then it really is! I have found that having a routine during our times of awakening lows means that we are less likely to get lost and stuck in those low waves. Our routines enable us to stay focus and on track and prevent us from slipping even further.

I want you guys to know that it is OK to experience your awakening lows! Its all apart of this beautiful journey.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Catch all you Seekers around! and remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,