How I discovered my inner Intuitive Empath


Hello fellow Seekers! I want to share with you my personal Intuitive Empath discovery as it is a big part of my spiritual awakening process. Just a note, I don’t believe being an Empath deems a person more superior or skillful, or better in any way. I believe that the term simply helped me make better sense of my spiritual journey.

I first discovered the term Intuitive Empath whilst reading a book called Frequency by Penny Pierce. Mid reading, I all of a sudden turned to the back of the book and was drawn to the author’s description. I decided to find more about Penny Pierce through the one and only, Google. Upon googling, I found that she was an Empath. I remember feeling intrigued and drawn by the word Empath, so I did a bit more googling – “what is an empath?”, “intuitive empath”, “how to know you’re an empath” – all the usual skillful Googling phrases of course. To my blessing, a majority of websites sum up commonalities of an empath. I couldn’t ignore the feeling of intense resonating connection, description after description. I finally felt like I had answers to a big part of why I am the way I am.

Growing up, I have always been more sensitive then others around me. Seeing someone upset would mirror the same emotion within me – the feeling of hurt was most commonly picked up and felt. I’ve always thought I simply had a soft spot for…everything! And I couldn’t explain why.

I grew up with an older brother who is, as i call it, an extreme extrovert. I would see him socialise with his friends so often – going parties, cafes, dinners, something unknown, you name it. I found myself comparing his interactions with my own. I struggled with being around more then 1-2 people at once. I had always felt drained, consequently I would have to retrieve back into my shell for days and weeks to simply re-energise myself. Just simply being in a room with people made me feel tired.

I grew up believing that I was quite a judgmental person for knowing how someone feels or what someone was thinking. The more i tried to rationalise and apply logic to my experiences, the more I judged myself for believing that i was judgemental. Little did I know, that knowing feeling is simply a common trait for Empaths. I would often find myself getting to know someone new, yet I strangely already knew more then what they have already told me. I knew that their words don’t match with their energy, I knew their overriding emotions, and sometimes I also knew why they are hurting and are in pain even if they present other wise.

I’m sure we have all played this game whereby we guess who’s foot steps it is within our family, and we usually get the hang of it over time. Well, I played a similar game when I was young, only instead of hearing foot steps, I would lie bed in my own room and feel into other rooms in my home to see if I can pick up each family member’s energy, just to simply see who was at home. I would even try to feel for my dog’s energies to see which rooms they were in. I was able to distinguish each members energy as they each felt so different in such a distinct way. Some were more dense then others, and some even had certain textures to it. I played this game throughout childhood to my teen years and still even do it some times today. Little did I know, I was developing and training my abilities to pick up energetic vibrations of others all along.

In my early spiritual journey, I saw being an Intuitive Empath as a curse and burden. I didn’t understand why anyone would want these tiring abilities. However, further down my journey and into the current time, I feel so blessed and grateful for being an Empath. I still continue to experience challenges of being an Empath, however I now see them as opportunities for growth.

I hope all you Empaths out there found some value in this post. And say hi below so we can all connect with one another 🙂

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,

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