How to PROTECT your energy as an Intuitive Empath


As an Intuitive Empath, knowing and learning how to protect your energy is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Intuitive Empaths are those who can feel others emotions as if its their own, some can hear others thoughts, and some can see images of another person’s life. As you can tell, all of these traits involve absorbing others energy which can be extremely exhausting as the range of energy can be so varying and vast. Because of this, Empaths often find themselves hiding away from the world, staying disconnected simply because they want to protect themselves from the unpredictable fluctuating world. And some of Empaths get so excited once they learn that they are one, and immediately jump towards learning how to further develop their skills. Which is great! But what I’ve learnt is that before we can learn to tune our skills, we have to learn how to take care of our energy. So I’ve comprised some points that I have found helpful to protect my own energy as an Intuitive Empath.

1. Know when it is not your energy

To be honest, this one can be difficult. As an Empath, we’re constantly absorbing others energies and feel it as if it is our own, so we find it hard to distinguish if it was ours to begin with. Thanks to Penny Pierce’s Frequency, I’ve learnt to identify my ‘home frequency’. Home frequency is essentially your ‘normal’ energy that you embody. Understanding your home frequency can be done through meditation. Start by simply noticing energy throughout your body, then feel into the surface of your body, notice what that energy feels like, then move into just below the skin, then where all your blood flows, then to your bones. At each level, each energy levels feel different. This takes practice (and feels magical). Another way to know that it is not your energy is if you have a fleeting thought of “is this mine?”. I realised that that little thought is my intuition perking up. Once we understand that the energy that we have absorbed is not ours, we no longer embody that energetic state.

2. Eat high vibrational food

Just like how Empaths absorb people’s energy, intuitive Empaths also absorb energies from foods. Eating high vibrational foods, such as plenty of greens and fruits, allows us to maintain a constant high vibrational field for ourselves. Think of yourself like a plant, if you want to nourish and grow into your blooming best, you have to feed, water and take care of it with the best possible nutrients. Eating low vibrational food would make you more susceptible to low vibrational energy as our consciousness becomes drawn to similar energy levels. On a different note, consuming meat makes it difficult for Empaths (and non empaths) to maintain a high vibrational energy level. This is because when we consume meat, we are consuming dead energy. The animal dies before we consume it. Before its death, it is filled with fear which is considered to embody one of the lowest vibrational fields. And so, we then consume the meat and let enter the low energy.

3. Charge your energy battery

I see our energy like a battery, after being around so many people and stimulating things, we use up so much of our energy and it soon becomes depleted. When it is depleted, you may notice yourself feeling drained, scattered and just simply exhausted and shut down. One way that I love to recharge my battery is to go into nature. Nature is a place of healing with its plentiful high vibrational environment. There’s a reason why people go out into nature to relax and escape! Take some time out to just sit under a tree, walk barefoot on grass or just soak under the sun. There is nature everywhere we look!

4. Know when to step away from a situation

Sometimes we might find ourselves in an energy draining conversation or situation. And sometimes, our ego tells us to continue to stay in even longer! But this is when others energies begin to take over our own. Throughout my awakening journey, I have learnt to identify what situation or people can pose a threat to impacting my energy. For instance, you can personally be having a tough day, and you bump into a friend. This friend is also happening to have a bad day and decides to share that story filled with badness with you. Now normally, you may be able to stand objectively listen to the story without your energy being fluctuated by your friends. But because you’re currently in a vulnerable state, you are susceptible to absorbing anyone else’s that giving off a similar frequency. You can take the option of either staying in the conversation and absorbing every anger that your friend is giving off, or you can choose to walk away and say that you are willing to listen to your friend another time over lunch (when you are feeling more balanced). However, sometimes, no matter how centred or happy you may be, someone with a forceful energy nearby can still impact yours. Here you too have a choice to walk away.

All of these points have taken time for me to practice. I’m still working on these everyday! But the more we spend time practicing, the more comfortable and confident we become with being an Intuitive Empath.

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember, be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,

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