4 signs that you are an Intuitive Empath

Hello fellow Seekers! There are many of us Intuitive Empaths out there, and if you are taking time out to research and read this, then you most likely are an Empath (welcome!). I know that at times you may experience some indications that you are an Empath, and at times things are just too unreal for you to believe. So I hope these signs give some meaning or clarification to your experiences. There are definitely more signs, but these were the ones that stood out to me the most in my experience (and ones that I could think of as I am writing this).  Being an Empath is a gift! So embrace all the signs to the fullest 🙂

Here are the  4 signs that you are an intuitive empath:

1. You feel others emotions and feelings as if they are your own

This is probably the most common sign of an intuitive Empath that you’ll find. I guess you can say that this may be one of the defining traits of an Intuitive Empath. This sign is the not same as feeling sorry or sad for someone. Instead, its as if you become one with a person. Their energy body somehow enters yours.

I experienced this very often in my job. A client of mine may enter the room and within seconds of greeting I have somehow already picked up their current or overral feeling they are currently experiencing. Their happiness becomes my happiness, their pain becomes my pain, as if I have already lived what what they had lived. This trait of Empaths makes us to be great connectors. On a simpler example, you may experience this even when watching an emotion evoking movie. Sad movies are no longer sad, they are pain aching ones which jerks tears because you can put yourselves in a characters shoe without having to actually do so.

2. You absorb other people’s energy

This is slightly similar to feelings other’s emotions and feelings, however sometimes, you are not even in conversation with another, but simply within the same location as someone. I’ll give you an example of a recent experience I had.

I was at work one day, feeling great, energised and ready to tackle down all my task for the day. In general, there was no low moods or feelings present within me in that moment. I decided to go make myself a cup of tea, and as I entered the kitchen, I was washed over with a wave of heavy sadness. I felt so hurt, and did not understand why. It was the feeling of as if a loved one had said the most hurtful thing to me and I have been carrying it silently around (that was the thought I had in my head as this emotion entered me). I felt heaviness in my heart, my entire body felt heavy and murky, and my mind began to blur. I tried to apply logic as to why I was feeling this sudden surge of heaviness – was I previously thinking of something upsetting? no. Was I anticipating some anxious provoking upcoming event? no. Did someone recently say something deeply hurtful to me? no. Was I getting a heart attack? (I’m a worrier) no. So what was going on? The longer I stayed in the kitchen, the more I started to recognise that this emotion may be of someone else in this room. As i finished up and exited the kitchen, that heavy sadness in my chest just vanished. There were still traces of it lingering, kind of like an after effect, but it was definitely no longer in me. I then knew someone in the kitchen was carrying around that pain. This trait is definitely difficult because a lot of the times I had no idea if it was my emotion that I was experiencing or it was someone elses. With some practice, I have allowed myself to differentiate this.

3. Getting mistaken for being unfriendly

Because Intuitive Empaths absorb and feel so much of other people’s energy, we often find ourselves wanting to hide away from people, conversations and environments that have a lot of man-made activities going on. Secluding ourselves to quiet and neatly tucked away areas have become our safe haven. Empaths often get mistaken for not wanting to socialise (well we don’t usually) and mingle like everyone else because we’re unfriendly. But in reality, we simply want to protect ourselves from unknown energies that come our way. We just don’t know how else to do it in this fast paced world. I know you Empaths out there all have so much love and care to give, so being labeled unfriendly can be quite hard to swallow. Not knowing how to shield yourselves from others energies can be a problem as it prevents you from doing things that you enjoy to do.

4. You find it difficult to say ‘no’

One other distinct sign of Intuitve Empaths is our is the difficulty that we experience with saying no. This trait has given me a lot of difficulties. As Empaths, all we want to do is help others, but sometimes, we end up helping others before helping ourselves. People can often take advantage of this because we have not asserted ourselves and shown others that we have boundaries. Empaths would somehow find themselves in situations where they are doing multiple tasks for multiple people, then would reach a point of feeling overwhelmed. As an Empath, you may also find it difficult to turn down event invitations, because the kindness for others overrides the kindness for yourself. Yet, an Empath with little personal boundaries would still find it difficult to decline another invitation.

Empaths who have yet to learn their limitations and gained coping skills have terrible boundaries for themselves, unfortunately. Its very important for Empaths to assert themselves, then they can take care of themselves. Just like when on a plane, you need to fit your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others put theirs on.

Theres plenty more traits that I have identified with as an Empath but I’ll leave it here for now and may right another posts on it next time. Hope you guys found it useful in some way!

Catch all you Seekers around! and remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,