4 signs you are out of FLOW with your life purpose

I truly believe that there is a flow to life, and I can feel it. We co-create our life with the universe, so listen and feel into the life flow intently, because the universe is trying to tell you things that your mind can only see as imagination.  Allow yourself to be in that beautiful life flow, and you will see that life it not supposed to be about struggling and grinding to get where you think you’re supposed to be.  Life is about living, experiencing and being  in the here and now, and to do that, we have to let go of what we think we’re supposed to be doing, and simply be, simply be with our flow.

In my previous post, I discussed how we can go about finding and discovering our life purpose.  But how do we know when we are not on the path of living our life purpose? How do we know that the life we are living now is not in alignment with our highest self to bring about the best version of ourselves? I have personally experienced many many moments of being out alignment (and being completely oblivious and in denial to the signs!) and thus I have had the opportunity to now learn how to identify when I am out of my flow of purpose. So today I’ll share with you guys what I have personally learnt so far along my spiritual awakening journey.

1. Forced efforts

When you are doing things, and living in the direction of your life purpose, things should be effortless and natural, there is a sense of flow. However whenever we are on a path that is out of alignment, we tend to put in a ridiculous amount of effort, feel more exhausted, drained and yet, there are no actual results or progress.  Being out of alignment with your life purpose feels like rowing around in circles. When you are living in alignment, you will receive ideas (downloads) without you having to sit there for days brainstorming. When you live in alignment, you don’t need a 10 step plan, you only need to know what your next step is because you are willing to listen to your heart and the universe. Quite often, our forced efforts are coming from our logical mind, and not our hearts. Forced efforts to me indicate that we are ignoring what our intuition is telling us.

2. Your days and weeks are on autopilot/routine-base

I was catching up with some friends not that long ago and a friend had said to me “we’re at a point in our lives where each week is a repeat of another”. We’re all roughly in our late 20s, yet that statement made me feel as if we were dying, or dead already. Being honest here, that statement shook me up inside. In my head I was screaming “no no no! it doesn’t have to be this way!”.  But it painted a very clear picture for me. So many of us are living on autopilot mode. So many of us are living are life that was created for us by someone else (by the bigger cooperations who says you can only have time off when they tell you). I genuinely believe that our hearts desire is to not have a repetitive lifestyle. Our hearts desire is to live passionately, and be free from the illusions of what it means to be alive. Our hearts want us to create and experience whatever it is that would bring about our best versions of ourselves, and a large amount of the time, that is not reflected in the  autopilot routine that so many of us live.  We are here on earth for so much more then to enslave away, we are here to grow, and we cannot grow if we are doing the same thing day in day out.

3. Constant reoccurring of physical illness

As we are shifting to our new level of vibration and shedding the old, we often no longer become compatible with our surroundings/environments. What I mean by being “compatible” is that our energy/frequency  live in harmony with other energys alike. So when we are raising our vibrations, we most likely are no longer in in flow with the surrounding vibrations. This can often cause us to become ill.

I was working part time, 4 days a week at my current counselling job. I was given the opportunity to transition to full time work. LOGICALLY that opportunity sounds amazing as I now get to be ‘a part’ of society’s full time club and adding value to it. LOGICALLY working 5 days a week, 9-5 is what people do with their lives. So I took on the opportunity, going against my intuition. Pretty much immediately, I was hit with cold after cold after cold. The cold basically never disappeared! It was just hovering around, making my body its home. And I was not someone who got ill easily. I began asking myself, why was it that I was working 5 days a week 9-5 (sometimes more)? The answers were always around “because that’s what we’re suppose to be doing”, “because how else will you survive financially?”, “because that’s how society measures how you add value to the world”. None of these answers came from my heart space, they simply came from living in fear and contraction. I KNEW I did not have the materialistic lifestyle that required an expansive amount of finances to support. I KNEW that I would be happier with more free time to do the things that I love. I KNEW that the path that society created was not my path. So I decided to go back to part time, and immediately, my cold had disappeared. My body was in a different energetic vibration, yet I was not allowing it to bask in an environment that supported that new state, thus the illness appeared. But now, im nurturing my frequency by listening to my body. OUR BODY KNOWS!

4. Not doing something that you are passionate about

Doing something that you are passionate about and simply just doing something because you like it and you are good at are two very different things. You know that you are living in alignment with your life purpose when you are doing something that you are passionate about, that is, doing something that makes your heart smile, and our heart smiles when we are of service to others. We can often get lost in the thought of doing something because we are good at it, but how much value is this adding to our life and to the life of others, how much meaning does this give to our lives. It may give some value, but when we do something that we are passionate about, the value we add becomes an explosion.  When we get caught up doing things that we are not passionate about, things may appear heavy and draining, it may appear as if you have to drag your feet every morning. You may find yourself day dreaming about another lifestyle and fantasising what it would be like if you lived with courage instead of fear.

I know that each and everyone one of us has had moments where we were out of alignment with our life purpose. And that’s ok. Its what you choose to do now that will change your course of action. Will you choose to live a life that has been designed by others and live in contraction? or will you choose to expand yourself, take risks, and live a life that you know you will not regret? I know what I choose. I recognise that I am currently out of alignment, but that excites me, because it has given me an opportunity to work towards a manifestation that is alignment with my life purpose.

Catch all you Seekers around! and remember, be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,


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