5 PLEASANT signs you are experiencing a spiritual awakening process

Hello fellow Seekers! Waking up has been my most life changing journey. And once you wake up, you can not got back to sleep. I am aware that some people believe that if we’re waking up then why are we being filled with such unpleasant experiences. Shouldn’t waking up be a heavenly divine conscious experience? Well it is, and it isn’t. In this post, I’ll go through a few pleasant signs that I personally experience, and see others experience too, as they are going through this awakening process. Some of these pleasant signs however, can in fact be turned 180, and be experienced as an unpleasant effect. But I’ll talk about the unpleasant signs in my next post. So here are 5 PLEASANT signs that you are going through a spiritual awakening process.


When you are waking up, there is this brand new wave of energy that is being rushed through your entire body. And more than ever, you will feel INSPIRED! Because you have found this new reality, you want to experience it fully and as quickly as possible, all at once. You may find yourself wanting to share this new waking up knowledge with others, you may feel inspired to have a change in career to one that is aligned with your inner vibration, you may feel inspired to eat more healthily and consciously or you may feel inspired to get in touch with your spiritual side by picking up meditation or yoga. Whatever it is that you’re being inspired to do, it is happening quickly.


Another pleasant sign that you may experience whilst going through a spiritual awakening process is that you become more conscious of the food you eat. KFC? Mcdonalds? any sorts of meat or junk? no more thanks! Because your body is shifting to its new and higher vibrational state, foods that are found within the lower vibration spectrum now no longer appeal to you, in fact, they may even be repulsive to you! That’s what I experienced. You now begin finding yourself researching and buying foods that are high in alkaline levels, foods that are organic, raw-based diets, green-based diets, you name it! Not only are you changing the food you eat, you are actually enjoying it! You would often have thoughts to yourself like how did I live on all that salt and sugar before? Why did I ever eat that chicken? How could I have swallow ed something so greasy and fried?  My god this broccoli and kale taste amazing.


You once saw the world as a place of separation by class, religion, culture, political systems, us verse them, but now you see the entirety as one. You see the world and its people as infinite consciousness and that we are an expression of it. And if we are an expression of divine consciousness then we are all one and connected. You begin to see the soul connection between you and others, and even animals and nature.

The concept of justice and forgiveness is replaced with understanding. You no longer need to forgive, or ask for forgiveness because there is no perpetrator and victim (which are the ego’s identity), but simply now you understand actions and people. And because you understand, you love.


Another pleasant sign that you may experience during your awakening is that you realise you soul’s purpose on earth. What you once thought what you wanted out of life, may no longer be the case once you are waking up. You are now connecting to your higher self, to your soul, and because you are connecting deeper, you are able to hear and listen to your souls voice. Your soul may begin showing your purpose here on earth. And often, that may the opposite to the lifestyle that the world has presented to you – 9-5, 5 days a week job, sitting behind a computer. Your soul purpose doesn’t have to be grand like going out to save the whole world, it could be as simple, yet beautiful as spreading love and joy to others around you by being yourself. I believe that deep down, everyone has heard their soul purpose at least once in their current life time, but has chosen to ignore it. And some people have chosen to ignore it because it may be too scary, too different, too unpredictable or too “unstable”. But your soul knows, you just have to listen, and its up to you what you choose.


Watching Tv, listening to the radio, reading online news from mainstream sources no longer have the same effect on you. You’re able to begin to feel the low vibration of certain programs of some of your beloved programs. You’re able to recognise how watching them keeps people under a certain frequency. You begin to peel down the layers of news content and recognise the propaganda and ‘mind controlling’ content that is being produced. And with all this, you begin to see that others around you, and around the world are absorbing it all in, making it their reality.

I’ve listed this as a pleasant sign as for me, I considered it as an achievement to no longer be absorbing everything in as they are being presented. I felt like I was in control of what I was letting into my mind and body and what I was keeping out. Another plus side is I can still watch and listen to certain content, enjoy it, yet not allow it to be absorbed into me.

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,