5 signs you are a STARSEED

The idea of Starseeds may be foreign for some and even ridiculous to others. But for some of us out there, the idea that our souls having originated elsewhere other than Earth, resonates to us more than anything. Starseeds are believed to be beings who have lived else where, other planets and dimensions, and may have experienced several reincarnations here on Earth (or brand new to Earth!). The motivations for Starseeds to be born on Earth may differ, but generally the motivation for their birth on Earth is to help mother Earth ascend into her higher dimensions and consciousness (so basically to help people from Earth not destroy themselves and the planet). Us Starseeds are all waking up across the globe and i know that we can all feel it!

Before my awakening, if I was to read or hear about Starseeds, I would have laughed and scoffed at this notion. But ever since connecting deeper with my innerself and soul, the connection is stronger than ever. It just makes all the sense in the world!

After speaking and connecting with other fellow Starseeds, I recognise that there are several parallels and overlaps amongst us. Starseed for me is nothing more but a label that helped me made sense of me as a being. I don’t want to get caught up on the terms lightworkers, starseeds, indigos etc, but instead I want to focus on how understanding these term may help you connect with yourself and others alike better. So here are some indications that you are a Starseed.

1. You have many unanswered questions about life

Growing up, you seem to have all these questions about your own life, life in the bigger picture, society, culture. Nothing you see in the world made sense to you. The system that you are a part of doesn’t quite click. Answers to your questions such as “it just is”, “just because”, “its just always been that way” or surface generic level responses were good enough. You feel and KNOW theres more than what has been fed to us. You just don’t know what that something is. Until you have awaken.

2. You feel homesick

This one was a strange and peculiar one for me when growing up. Ever since little, I had this continuous homesick feeling (and still do) no matter where I was or who I was with. This feeling would amplify when I am looking up to stars at the night sky. I felt that somehow, in some strange way, my home was out there. I tried to make sense of this through psychology by suggesting to myself that my feeling of homesick comes from my yearning to belong and connect to all because of my differences to others. This did make sense to a certain degree, but I felt that there was more! Being a Starseed you may have found yourself being extremely drawn to the stars and cosmos, always watching and in awe of what can be. And this all makes sense because Earth is not our home planet, our home is somewhere out there! Crazy, right?

3. You look for purpose and meaning

As a Starseed, you were never the one to go about life doing things without meaning, doing things “just because”, or doing things because it has always been done. You strived for meaning and purpose. You strive for intention. As a Starseed, you have found it difficult to swallow the idea of going to school for 20 something odd years, then getting a job and working for 50ish years, buy a house, getting married, having kids, and then dying. That conveyor belt life just never made sense to you. So you would seek meaning. Because of this, a lot of Starseeds venture off into the worlds of non-conformists, blazing their own trails and following their hearts by creating their own world instead of living a world that was created for them by someone else.

4. Gifted in the areas of extra-senses

I genuinely believe that we all have more than 5 senses, that we are all psychic! However society has led us to believe and focus on our main 5, keeping us stagnant from our potential. If you are a Starseed, you may have more sensitivity towards your extra-senses and are more in-tuned with them. Starseeds are often gifted in the areas of healing, channeling, reading etc. These abilities seem to be natural and intuitive to us.

5. Rapid growth rate when awakened

As a Starseed, your soul home planet would have been of a higher dimension, higher frequency. Living on Earth may be a difficult experience because of its lower vibrational frequency in comparison to the one your soul is use to. But once you are awaking, you are operating in a frequency that you soul is more familiar with thus you will be experiencing this expansion of growth. A growth spurt if you may call it. Your soul is basically going “aha! Im familiar with this vibration, I can finally start doing


Let me know if theres more signs that you recognise from yourself that you are a Starseed.

Catch all you Seekers around! and remember, be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,