5 UNPLEASANT signs you are experiencing a spiritual awakening process

 Hello fellow seekers! In my previous post, I spoke about PLEASANT signs that we experience during our spiritual awakening process. Now I will go through some UNPLEASANT signs and experiences of waking up. I think that people often get a misrepresentation of waking up being this grand enlightening break through where by you radiate heaven on earth. Well it can, but in reality based on my experiences and shared experiences of others, it is quite evident that it is a difficult process, one with sunshine and roses, as well as thorns. So I want to share some of my own unpleasant waking up symptoms with the hopes that some of you guys may resonate with them too and know that you’re not alone in this.


This one was a hard one for me to swallow and navigate, it still is actually. As you are waking up you may consciously choose to no longer be a part of some of the relationships that you were once in because you no longer resonate with the same values. You may even sometimes feel slowed down by some of the relationships as you are growing and waking up so fast! But it isn’t easy let go of these relationships because they were, and still are important people to you.

Some lose of relationships may be due to others no longer feeling comfortable around you because of your new changes in lifestyle and values. Your friends now look at you and no longer able to see ‘the old you’ which may confuse them and lead them to question your friendships. For instance, you may no longer drink alcohol or eat meat. These lifestyle changes may affect relationships that are built on these lifestyle choices.

Then there are some relationships that you simply just drift away from because you are no longer energetically compatible and the relationship no longer serves a purpose. I believe that people who are in our lives are present for a reason, for us to learn something. And if we find ourselves no longer talking or hanging with some people….just because….then for me, I at times see it as there is nothing else for me to learn from them here – our journey has ended, for now.


So you’ve realised that the world is not what it seems. Before you see the beauty of our world, you see the darkness of it. The deception, greed, materialism, violence, all of it. You’re entire life up until this point of realisation may well be all be….a system, designed by others, for others. Your eyes open wider and wider and you see the system that we have all been programmed under. You try your best to shut it all out. But then you ask yourself, what are you suppose to do, being a lone ranger who have escaped the system and programs? You’re out of the matrix, but now what? This feeling can linger for quite some time and you are left with feeling stuck, well for me it did, and sometimes it pops up again. But I have found peace when I discovered my soul purpose. The world still exists as is, but we can still create our own life journey. And from our own individual life choices and changes, we can effect those around us.


Another unpleasant sign you may have when going through a spiritual awakening process is that you isolate or disconnect yourself from others. Waking up is such an overwhelming journey, isn’t it? So overwhelming that you sometimes just say “I can’t right now, I just need to be alone”. As you’re awakening, you’re becoming more sensitive and aware of the slightest differences in energetic vibrations, whether it be amongst your friends, family, environment, conversations, media, food etc. Because of this new found awareness, you have yet figured out how to cope and manage it, and so you isolate yourself. I remember during my early awaking stages (that I was conscious of), I had influxes of new thoughts and perspectives, I just wanted to share it all with my friends and close ones. But I couldn’t. The times that I have shared, I was looked at weirdly and others times I knew I couldn’t even begin to share because I just knew that others would not understand. So what did I do? I disconnected myself from others. Not the best way to manage changes might I add (haha), but it was part of my awakening experience. I also found myself consciously choosing to isolate myself because peoples greed and materialism seemed to be amplified to me now. I saw more of it, not because they were becoming more greedy and materialistic, but because I was able to see a deeper level of them. I couldn’t function properly in these environments, I just found myself shutting down early on in my journey. But, this was only a stage for me. I, and hopefully you will (or have), learn how get over this hurdle in a healthy way – a way that still allows you to stay connected but not be affected by these new found awareness.


Because you are now more sensitive to varying energy types, you more easily absorb them. And because of this, you are constantly fluctuating from one mood to another, depending on who you are with and where you are situated. One minute you are yourself, happy and ready to go about your day. Next minute, you enter a room with people and you feel angry or hurt, or just extremely exhausted. A lot of the times, you can’t even identify whether these mood swings are because of other peoples energy that you are picking up, or whether they are your own. But I have learnt that if you have a thought, even if its a quick passing thought, that it could be something else other then your own, it most likely isn’t yours.

Similarly, I have had experiences that I have picked up energies and emotions of loved ones even when they are not near/around me. These type of mood changes are most difficult because you can’t pin point exactly why  or where from you’re experiencing these mood swings. But just trusting on your intuition well help guide and make sense some of your mood changes.


For me, this unpleasant sign was a confusing one because I initially thought that if I was experiencing a spiritual awakening process, I should be experiencing rushes of uplifting energy running through me. But I was experiencing the other end of the spectrum as well. I would often find myself feeling physically, mentally, emotionally or energetically exhausted. You may even feel like you want to sleep constantly, and even after 12 hours of sleep, it still doesn’t feel enough!

Even though feeling drained can be an unpleasant symptom, I think the messages behind are quite valuable. For instance, feeling drained after talking to particular people may tell you that those people are taking energy away from you. Or feeling drained constantly after work, even if you haven’t done much may show signs of you becoming energetically out of alignment with your current role. Because of this tiring awakening process, it is extremely important to ensure that you keep yourself protected and know how to refuel your energy tank when necessary.

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,