Fear vs. vulnerability

Fear is an interesting friend, isn’t it? It makes us feel that it’s doing things in our best interest. What I have discovered along my awakening journey though is fear is an illusion created by the ego to prevent us from experiencing our truest and highest self. Fear is an illusion because it leads us to be afraid of what does not exist – the past and the future. Fear stops us from experiencing what is, what is already in existence, what is happening right now.

We have been raised and cultivated in a society that is led by fear. We are raised with a ‘lack’ mindset. We don’t genuinely want to buy a home because owning a home makes us happy. We buy a home because we are fearful of not having a stable future. We don’t work a 9-5 (or even more), 5 days a week job because we love to be in the office (if you found what you love though then good on you!), we work because we’re fearful of not having enough money. We ‘work’ to ‘survive’. But that’s the thing, why are we trying to survive when we are already living. Society has led us to believe that we must give up our happiness and truest self in order to stay a-float. As Jim Carrey says “fear disguises itself as practicality’.

Now lets say hi to vulnerability. Vulnerability isn’t in absence of fear, but instead, its allowing recognition of fear and saying to it “not right now”. There’s a stigma attached to vulnerability in that people will view it as weakness – something people want to stay far from. But to me, allowing yourself to be vulnerable takes courage, it takes self-determination, self-belief and a centred self. When we allow vulnerability to take lead in our life, we break free of what has been conditioned as acceptable and expected. Vulnerability gets us to express ourselves in our truest form.

What I’ve learnt along my journey so far is that when I let fear take lead, I end up boxing myself in from experiences, possibilities and from getting in touch with my inner-self – what my soul truly wants. But when I take courage to let vulnerability walk ahead, I feel liberated and free. I feel me. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean things will always work out. But being vulnerable allows you to try and not live in a contracted way of expression. Expand yourself! You are more then what society has conditioned and led you to believe. You are infinite!

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember, be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,