How to be YOU

Hello fellow Seekers! I hope you are all having a marvelous day, where ever you are 🙂

Waking up is a wonderful journey, yet it can be difficult if you are struggling to be you. Who is you? Well I’ll leave that question and answer to Eckhart Tolle or Neal Donald Walsch. What I’ll be covering is how can you be beyond what this system has created. How can you navigate through and in this awakening path towards a higher consciousness you.

I believe that each and one of us has arrived here on earth with a soul purpose. However, earthly-like agendas has got in between us and that path, thus we have lost track of us. So here are some points that I personally found helpful, and so I hope may help you begin the journey of finding you.

1. Go find solitude

Now this doesn’t mean you have to go live in a mountain for a year and try to make your own fire and shelter with sticks, but if that’s what you want to do, then go for it! What I mean by finding solitude is to be able to find a place within (and it helps to find a physical place too – nature always does the trick!) that can be free of all the clutter and chattering from the outside world.

It is hard to know you when other people’s thoughts, opinions and voices are all telling you whats right and whats wrong, what you should or shouldn’t do. We eventually become disconnected to who we truly are and what our soul purpose is. Ask yourself, where do my current beliefs, values, behaviours and lifestyle come from? For instance, what did you want to become when you were little? An and why is it different now? Is it because you had people tell you that it was unrealistic? that it would not make enough money? that it will go no where in the long run? That initial idea that you had as a child, that idea made your soul shine because it was free from other’s opinions, it was all you! And I am sure that it still makes your soul shine if you are able to find some solitude and listen to it.

2. Have boundaries

Having boundaries is like drawing a circle around yourself and you are conscious, aware and have control of what you let in and out. Often we find ourselves ignoring our own needs because they have become saturated or covered up by others needs. Now this is not the same as being being self-centred and putting yourself ahead of others. What I mean is, when someone has weaker or blurred boundaries, their actions and thoughts are often influenced by others and thus you begin to lose touch of you as now you are becoming them. One indication of having strong boundaries is being able to say no. I know this would be difficult for some, particularly Empaths, but often we end up doing things for others that go against our values. Often people who have blurred boundaries do not think or believe that their thoughts or ideas are as valuable as the other persons. But I want to tell you that they are valuable! They are valuable because they are yours and you are a  valuable being.

3. Respect your differences from others

Have you ever found yourself trying to convince someone to see something the way you see it? I am certain that we have all been caught up in a ‘debate’ because of this one time, or many times. Here I would ask you to ask yourself ‘why is it so important for them to see the same thing as me or agree with me?’  Quite often, the underlying answer, not surface answer, to this question is that we want to gain validation for our views because our views are not valuable until someone else confirms it. This way of thinking often creates a lot of insecurities thus we are never truly happy with ourselves. Don’t wait for others to validate you, validate you yourself. If we are able to recognise that we are all different (in so many ways), and that each one of us is just as valuable as one another, we won’t have a need to seek validation from others and simply love and accept us for who we are.

For instance, if you want to sell your belongings and build a house in the middle of the bush to live, then go for it! Don’t wait for others to tell you that is is okay to do so, because you could be waiting forever, and forever is a long time.

4. Acknowledge both your light and shadow sides

Let us not all fool ourselves. As we have our light sides, we all possess shadow aspects of ourselves. These shadow elements are things that we often label as “negative” traits, which then we often suppress, ignore or deny that they are ever a part of us. We have chosen to not acknowledge these shadow sides because we have been conditioned to think that it is shameful to be a certain way.

What I have found through my own experiences is that the more I deny the existence of my shadow sides, the more they surface in various indirect ways, e.g projections. What I have discovered is that if I want to ever address these shadow elements, and create change and growth in my life, I would need to acknowledge them and bring them into light. Even if you don’t want to change these elements, bringing them into the light allows you to be fully aware of their existence, thus giving them less power to take over subconsciously. You then become more aware of both sides as you are able to acknowledge and accept your human traits.

Let the shadow come into the light!

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,