How to become UNSTUCK

Hello Seeker friends! I want to talk about a topic that I personally experience often during my spiritual awakening process, and that is, how do we become UNSTUCK. During our journey, we would often hit walls and obstacles that make us feel lost, not knowing which direction to go next and why we are even stuck in the first place. And of course, we naturally don’t like that feeling of ‘stuckness’ as it is full of uncomfortable unknowns so we try our best to wriggle our way out of it, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to work. So today I will discuss some things you can do to become UNSTUCK during your awakening and learn how to keep moving along.


1. Find inspiration

One of the key things that help me begin to become unstuck is to find inspiration. A lot of the times, I become stuck because I lose my moments of creativity and not exposing myself to various sources of motivation. So to find inspiration again I may go and watch other amazing Youtubers, or I go a read a book which most of the time will spark an idea for me, or surround myself with like-minded friends. Another thing that I find helpful to find inspiration is to be in nature. I realise that at times it’s the environment that I am in that dampens my motivation. We become our environment, so if we are around people or things that are stuck and stagnate, we too become and feel that way. And so I will put myself in an open green place where my mind can run free again.

2. Realise this is a PROCESS

One of the reasons for us to feel stuck in the first place is because we become impatient and in a hurry to reach a certain place or outcome. Feeling and thinking this way often results us becoming more stuck! What I have learnt along my awakening journey is that being stuck is a process and we don’t have to focus on finding the ultimate end result to get out of it. When I allow myself to be in this frame of mind, I release this weight and urgency to ‘get things done’ and allow myself to simply  be. When I am in this state, inspiration arises because I am not forcing anything to be created but simply letting myself go in the direction that comes my way. We often become stuck to realise our next areas of growth and opportunities.

3. Find what it is you want to strive for

Sometimes we become stuck during our awakening journey because we lose direction and sight of what we wanted to strive towards. We may lose sight because of other obstacles that we may face during waking up. Finding what we strive for is not the same as being attached to the outcome. Finding what you want to strive for gives you a sense of purpose. Purpose gives us motivation and inspiration! Some people may find it helpful to write down a list. I personally don’t do lists well, so will simply sit down and brainstorm to myself, sometimes with images. Reading over that purpose and reason every morning will help reinforce what path it is you want to take.

4. Explore unresolved issues

What I have discovered from my awakening journey is that when I am stuck, my higher self or intuitive self is trying to tell me that I am stuck for a reason! I’m not always stuck simply because I am running out of ideas, but sometimes I am stuck (particularly for long periods of time) because there is something in my life that is out of alignment. When I first began working the ordinary Full-Time work hours at my day job, I had felt that every other area in my life was just STUCK. I couldn’t move forward or onward, and I knew it was because the 9-5 full-time lifestyle was no longer in alignment with my energetic vibrations. So when I changed that lifestyle up, my stuck was gone! And I had inspiration coming in from all directions!

Another possible reason for being stuck is that there may be some unresolved emotional or personal issues around the matter that you are at lost with. What I have learnt is that rather than trying to ignore this unresolved issue, which will come up again just in another time and form, try to look into this unresolved issue and explore why it is contributing towards you being stuck. These times prompt itself for opportunities of growth and progression.

I hope this post will help you begin to wriggle out of your stuckness.

 Catch all you Seekers around! and remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,