How to find your life PURPOSE

One of the biggest aspects that we experience as we go through our spiritual awakening journey is this deep urge to find our life purpose. You may recognise that your career path or plan is no longer meaningful to you. You now have this strive to do something that adds value and meaning to not only your life, but to the life of others. So you begin this search for your life purpose.

After speaking to people on this awakening path and reflecting on my own, I recognise that there are certain steps that may help you head into the direction of uncovering your life purpose.

1. Unlearn the labels that you have identified with

You know those things we tell ourselves like “I’m not a creative person”, “I was never good at maths”, “I’m bad with technology”, “I’ve just never good at that sort of that stuff”? These are the limiting thoughts that create a barrier between you and your life purpose. Your attachment to these limiting beliefs restrains you from breaking out of your mold and exploring new possibilities. Something that you can do that would help unlearn these limiting beliefs is to think back when you first were aware of them. Most of the time, these beliefs were formed by others around you, e.g parents, teachers, friends etc. Allow yourself to challenge these beliefs and you would be amazed of what you are capable of.

2. Explore your childhood heart

As children, we led with our hearts. We were closes to our truest self because the world did not yet have all the opportunities to condition us to be their players. As children, we were not afraid to voice what we wanted to do or become because we were not fearful of judgement from others.  It’s during this time that we were most connected to our life purpose. Have a think about how you had impacted others as a child (or how would you like to positively impact others; how can you be of service to others?) – e.g were you the shoulder that others cried on? Were you always the kid that made sure the new student was never left out? These tendencies often point in the direction of our life purpose and what our purpose is driven by.

3. Let go

Following in the direction that makes our heart smile is difficult, but most definitely possible. By this point, you may have a rough idea of what your life purpose is, or at least an idea of what direction you need to head in. Knowing this, you may realise that what you are currently doing is not in the same direction as your purpose. I have learnt along my journey that in order to be closer towards my life purpose, I had to LET GO of things that are no longer in alignment with my new frequency in order to create a space for the things that are actually in alignment. This may include your job, physical environment, friends/relationships, food etc. ( I will do a post on how to recognise that you are out of alignment next time). When we hold on to things that are no longer energetically compatible, we exhaust our energy towards maintaining this mis-match, thus not having energy and space left to allow new energy to enter and manifest in your life. Letting go also involves letting go of the “buts” in our life – “but I can’t stop doing this because how would I support myself financially?”, “but its too risky”, “but what if I fail?” These buts are there to challenge us to push beyond our perceived limitations.

4. Take Action

Taking action can be one of the most daunting things one can do because it means risking and being vulnerable. But I’ve learnt that if we don’t take action than we’ve already failed, and id rather fail knowing that I’ve tried, instead of failing because I never started. Taking action does not require an in-depth plan. This is where we rely on our intuition and listen to our hearts or higher self. All that needs to be done is to take the first step in the direction of your purpose, even if you don’t know what your second or third step is. Your second step will unfold itself once you have taken your first. The direction that you head in may not be exactly where you want to be, but it will give clarity and open doors towards things that are closer to your purpose.

5. Trust the flow

So how do we know that the first step will take us to the second step? Because we  have to listen to our intuition and feel into the flow of the universe. When something is forced, feels taxing and draining, then you are most likely out of flow. Your steps will come naturally and effortlessly if it is within your life purpose path. It’s like having revelations or downloads from higher beings. When something that fits into our flow or path, it will present itself repeatedly and sit in a very special place in our heart

I hope this post shed some clarity on some things you can do move you closer towards your life purpose. My next post will follow this talking about signs we get that tell us we are out of alignment/flow with our life purpose.

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,