How to live HAPPILY

Who doesn’t want to be happy? That’s what we all strive for! (Even though we have it all right in front of us). I believe that there are KEY SECRETS to living a happy life. In this modern day, depression and anxiety seems to be climbing at alarming rates even though we are evolving in all other areas in our world. These 4 points to living a happy life have helped me along my awakening journey so I hope you guys find some gem in them too.

1. To not compare yourself to others

For me, one of the key ingredients towards living a happy life is to not compare myself to others. Society however, has raised us all on a comparative mind – our benchmark for self-worth is based on how others live their life, their opinions of you and how others value you. I have learnt that the comparative mind is a trap for a never ending cycle of low self-esteem and fear that places us in a low vibrational state of being. When we compare ourselves to others, we are comparing our life current situation which is comprised up with our own life experiences to others life experiences, which will never be the same. We are all equipped with differing ‘life happenings’ thus we should be comparing ourselves with only ourselves! Basic analogy will be beating yourself up for not being able to fluently speak a second language in comparison to a person who speaks that language as their first. When we compare ourselves to others, we will never feel complete, whole or happy as there will always be someone out there who presents different to us. I have personally learnt to look inwards if I want to progress in a certain area instead of looking outward. Others can be great motivators and source of inspiration, but never an indicator of your own self-worth.

2. Let go

One of the things that hold us back from embodying happiness is not being able to let go. In order to be truly happy and at a peace, we need to learn to let go of the hurt and fear that we have been carrying around, whether it may be hurt that we have been blaming other’s for doing something to us, or the feelings or fear, guilt or shame. Once we’re able to let go, we drop all this emotional and low vibrational baggage and make room for high vibrational emotions and feelings. To let go, we need to understand that we are not victims of a situation, and others have not done wrong by or to us. To let go, we need to understand that we are all doing the best we can, making the most rational choices we can make given our life exposures up until this given point in time.

3. Spread love and joy

I think we can all agree that love and compassion is what makes the world go around. We’re social beings, so to spread out joy and happiness with others will ultimately expand the love we have for one another. It doesn’t have to be a vast act; it can be a small act of kindness, like saying good morning to a stranger as you walk by, or lending a hand with someone’s groceries to their car. Help because you can help, give because you can give, and not because you can get something in return (aside from happiness!). I believe that we are all naturally loving and giving, but we have learnt to reserve that and even forget about it in this fast moving and harsh world. When we put something into action, we embody that actions energy, e.g if we do a negative act such as yelling at someone, we will embody the emotion and low vibration of anger. But if we are to do an act of love, we will embody the high vibration and emotion of happiness and joy.

4. Live a simple life with gratitude

Living a simple life is quite difficult in this day and age. There are constantly new versions to all products and new products that promise to make our lives easier and better. What I have learnt though is that the more things we accumulate, the more complexities we add to our lives. These complexities arise because we are creating more needs and wants that we believe we need. But we can all agree that no matter how many items we purchase over time, we just seem to be able to buy more and never feel quite satisfied. In my awakening journey, I have learnt to live within my means, and purchase items as essentials and not for accessories. I ask myself, would my life be less valuable without it, and will I notice in a few weeks or months’ time if I don’t have the product. If the answer is no, then the product is something that will add another complexity to my life thus I don’t purchase.

Another way to live simply and happily is to be grateful for the existing things in your life. I would often do this by listing out things I am grateful to have in my life, such as family, friends, clean water, safe home etc. When you become grateful of the existing things in your life, you begin to see your life as abundant and more. But if you wake up with a ‘lacking’ mentality, whereby you feel you need to have in order to feel then you will constantly be looking for the negative gaps in your life and drawing in the ‘not enough’ feeling and way of living.

Now go and live your happy life!

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,