How to raise your VIBRATION

As you’re awakening, your energetic frequency will be rising, shifting you into a new energetic level. There are things you can do that will assist with raising your vibration frequency further and ultimately help with your awakening process and personal growth journey.

For those of you unfamiliar with energetic frequencies, all things in existence are made up of energy. This includes our thoughts, feelings, emotions and overall states of being. Emotions such as anger, hate and shame vibrate at a lower frequency, whilst emotions such as love, peace and compassion vibrate at a higher frequency. With now knowing this, let’s get into some of the things you can do to raise your vibrational frequencies.

1. Embody the frequency that you wish to be

When we imagine something (using thought), we are putting energy into it. But the thought remains empty until we combine it with emotion. Emotion is energy in motion. When you feel what it is you want to create (have thought about), you begin to draw this energetic template, or blue print, of what our heart wants to embody. Thinking and deeply feeling a high vibrational emotion such as compassion will ultimately raise your vibrational frequency. This would work on the other end of the scale too – if you think and feel shame or guilt, your energy will begin to live out that low vibrational blue print until it becomes IT.

I have found it helpful to repeat positive affirmations every day. Find or create affirmations that are true to you. There is no point repeating an affirmation that was made for someone else because then your soul will recognise that its not in fact what you truly want.  Don’t just say it, but truly allow yourself to feel into the words. Put your hands on your heart, and nice and slowly embody those words until you feel at one with them.

2. Have a plant-based/vegan diet

You are what you eat. This saying is extremely true if we look at it from an energetic stance. When we consume meat, we are consuming low vibrational frequencies and embodying it. This is because when an animal, such as a cow, is being killed, or going to be killed, they take on the emotions of fear (im sure theres other low vibrational emotions too). Fear vibrates on the lower spectrum. We then consume the cow, and in parallel we consume their vibrational frequency that was manifested by fear.  Energy is able to transfer from one being to another so we want to consume foods that possess higher vibrational frequencies. When we eat plants, we do not kill them off, we pick their fruits or leaves, and they still have the life to continue on growing, blooming and producing.

3. Meditation

Meditation does so much more then relaxing your mind and body. Meditation allows us to learn how we want and can choose to treat ourselves. Throughout our busy days, there’s a voice in us that judges, condemns, shames and guilts us (even for things that had happened 10 years ago). Overtime, we have learnt to identify with these thoughts and embody them. Meditation allows us to take notice of these negative thoughts.  Meditation teaches us to not identify with and become those thoughts, but instead, see them with kindness.  Dr Shauna Shapiro did a Ted Talk on mindfulness. She expressed that what you practice grows. In our modern culture, we often practice judgement, fear and hate, which ultimately grows. She explained that through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, we are able to practice kindness to ourselves. Not being judgmental and choosing to be kind to one self will take us out of the low vibration frequency and shift us into a higher energetic field.

As you can see, to raise our vibrational frequencies, it requires a lot of introspective and self work. But its not impossible to do! So go on and choose the frequency you want and live it! 🙂

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember, be kind to yourself:)

With love always,