Non-awakening friends? What to do?

One of the questions that I asked myself over and over again during my spiritual awakening process is what do I do with my non-awakening friends? Do I help them wake up to by telling them the glorious new world and risk them seeing me as crazy? Or do I leave them in the dumps. Luckily, I have learnt that you don’t need to take either of those steps.

1. To simply understand; everyone is on their own journey

The thing with waking up is that some people are still asleep. Waking up implies that you were once asleep! I think that it is important to remember that everyone is on their own journey. That may mean some people may not be ready to wake up in this life time of theirs, or that they may wake up at different times, with the prompt of differing scenarios. All we can do is understand that we are all on our own journey towards experiencing our highest self and so we should let others experience what it is that they need to experience. For me, perceiving that everyone is at their own stages is a beautiful thing to witness and to be a part of as it allows me to learn from everyone around me and to be able to say that we are ALL growing as beings.

I don’t think judging someone for not waking up will help them wake up. Judging people will encourage them to bring up their walls and defences and may even hinder their processes. And how can we judge someone for something that we too have gone through? Because of that, all we can do is understand.

I think that non-awaking people may carry a stigma that they have nothing to offer towards waking souls. But I see quite opposite. In fact, I believe that anyone that is still in our life, particularly our non-awaking buddies, then there is still something that we have yet to learn from them – e.g how we manage our triggers (when they trigger us) or why are they triggering us? There is a reason that they are still in our life! We just have to look, listen and understand.

2. Speak your truth when necessary

One of the things that I struggled with whilst going through the spiritual awakening is to speak my truth about what was going on – that is, I am waking up. I was fearful of judgments and people not understanding what I was going through. What I found however was that the more I hid my current situation, the more I alienated myself from loved ones and the more my loved ones did not get to know the ‘new’ me. Speaking your truth does not mean to convert or convince others around you about waking up. But speaking your truth to me means to be honest about your experiences and to share them as is when a situation presents itself for you to do so. Share why you may have chosen to steer away from a 9-5 job, but do it with the intent of speaking your truth, not with the intent of condescending them or trying to convince them to change their lifestyle (when they clearly are not ready).

3. Remain you/be you

Similarly to speaking your truth, it is important to remain you/be you, particularly around non-awaking friends. I understand that this can be difficult, for instance, when I had transitioned to being vegan, I was too afraid to tell my friends so I would avoid eating out (pretty funny when I look back). What I realised was that, I was not helping myself or others around me. When I became more confident with my lifestyle choices, e.g going vegan, I began eating with confidents and sharing my stories about the switch. From these points, I noticed that the friends that were ready to shift would open their minds up to this new lifestyle, without me having to convince them! They would ask me for recipe ideas and grocery choices, simply because they were seeing that I was thriving. From an energetic perspective, my energetic vibrations was raising, and those bodies that were ready to receive it, would shift along with it too. So don’t be afraid to be you! You’re exactly where you need to be. And by sharing your new lifestyle changes with others, you become a lighthouse for their own awakening journey.

4. Let go of judgemental/non-suportive friends

One of the unfortunate things of going through a spiritual awakening process is that you begin to see things through a clearer lens, and this may mean you may begin to see some friends or family for more then what they use to present themselves as. As you are waking up, you will begin to adopt new lifestyle changes and ways of doing things and thinking. This will at times trigger certain people around you. When they are triggered, they can often give you a hard time. This is great in retrospect because it allows you to see who is supportive with you during these changing times and who is judging you. From my experience, when I had tried to hold on to friends that were non-supportive and judgemental, they had ultimately hindered my awaking journey. I had to learn to let them go. And when I was able to let them go, I was able to make room for new people to enter who are on similar journeys as myself. And letting go is definitely not an easy thing to do. But I realised that if I was to allow myself to drift away from certain people, and it happened effortlessly, then I saw it as a sign that I had no longer needed to be in that relationship as there is now little opportunity for growth and learning for my current path. My vibrations were shifting, and so I needed to surround myself with environments with similar frequencies to foster my growth.

No matter where you are, we are all going to be surrounded by a mixture of waking and non-waking souls. So enjoy the ride and experience as much as you can! You never know who or what could show up as a teacher.

Catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,