Opportunity to RAISE your consciousness

Every day, every minute, every second of our lives, we are being presented with opportunities to grow and expand our consciousness. We don’t need to wait for a problem to present itself. A learning opportunity is anywhere and everywhere when you are ready to see it and receive it.

Problem-fueled moments are often moments that repeat itself in differing forms, often found in our relationships with others. Have you ever wondered why you may have the same issues and concerns in different relationships? The universe presents itself what you need for growth and expansion of consciousness and will repeatedly present the problems to you until you choose to look at it and go where it takes you.

Let’s take a moment and think of a situation recently that you felt triggered, angered or hurt by someone. As you revisit this moment, do you notice that contraction in you? The urge to withdraw or fight back? The shrinking and tightness in your chest? Do you hear a voice telling yourself that you are the victim, that you’re being hurt by that person, again? THIS is the moment. THIS is the opportunity to grow and expand your consciousness. Take a pause, breathe and mentally, emotionally step back, and allow yourself to be in that moment.

THAT person, ‘doing the hurting’, they’re in fact not doing anything to you or against you, it’s your perception of their actions that’s hurting you. In these moments of my life, I have grown to learn that THIS very person is in fact doing the best they can given all that they know. When I allow myself to remove me out of my mind, zoom out and see things from a birds-eye view, all I can perceive is love for that person as they are trying their best. By being in that moment, I lose all senses of resistance. I simply let things…be.

We can easily take the path of resistance and allow ourselves to become absorbed and immersed in our mind which has been conditioned by our culture to self-pity and blame. Or we can take a path of oneness and flow and just simply be in that moment for what it is, instead of what our conditioned mind perceives it to be. Which path will you choose to take?

Catch all you Seekers around! and remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,