Signs you are on your LIFE PURPOSE path

At times it is hard to know whether you are on the ‘right’ path, particularly the steps that many of you are taking are far different to the already established path. I have experienced some indications that may help you when you are experiencing some doubtful moments of whether you are on your way towards living your life purpose path. I hope these signs become a lighthouse and prompt for all you waking souls to continue on your unique journey with courage and enthusiasm! So here are 4 signs that you are on your purposeful path that I hope will help you along your journey of raising your consciousness.

1. You have a deep knowing

A deep knowing is something that Empaths may be familiar with. A deep knowing is something that your higher self, or intuitive self is telling you that goes beyond logic and rationalisation. You may have a deep knowing that your choices and ideas are the optimal options, even if rationally, they may be the least preferable. For instance, some of you may experience a deep knowing of to quit your 9-5 job (props to those who have found a 9-5 that they do love) in order to pursue a path that reflects your truest self. But rationally, quitting your job implies limited finances and ongoing unstable risks. I have learnt that when I have listened to that deep knowing voice, I have made decisions that led me to a path that resonated with my truest self and allowed me to become closer towards experiencing more of me and my soul purpose, and ultimately living a more happy-filled life!

2. Synchronicity

Synchronicities are things that you see in repetition over a period of time. Synchronicities may come in the form of numbers, like 1111,1234, 1212, or images, animals, or even topic conversations/words, e.g you were talking abou thorses with someone then later in the day you see images and words of horses. You will know that it is synchronicity as the words or images pop up to you as if they are speaking directly to you, like “HELLO! I’M RIGHT HERE!”. They are not just coincidences, but messages from your guides or the universe telling you something. The messages will vary from person to person and only you will know what they are as they are only speaking to you. For me, I would experience synchronicities through numbers and conversation topics when I am on the ‘right’ path, and when I’m steering away from it, or feeling stagnate, they will disappear from my sight, and reappear again when I am back on track.

3. You feel inspired/excited

Another sign that you may experience that tells you are on life purpose path is that you feel inspired and excited! You all of a sudden have grand ideas about how you would want to take the next steps with your life. Not only are you inspired, you are extremely motivated and even begin taking some of the actions required. You are able to envision the new next steps and even life that you wish to create. You feel enthusiastic and more connected to yourself more than ever. Make use of this inspired-fill time and get cracking!

4. Opportunities are speaking to you

The last mentioned sign that may tell you that you are on your life purpose path is that you are constantly running into opportunities that offer to assist you towards taking on that path. For instance, when first creating this blog, I was concerned about the time I had to create writing content. I would constantly be coming up with excuses as to why I didn’t have time. However opportunities would constantly be thrown to me that opened up ‘time’ for me. That at times presented itself as canceled events/arrangements (consistently over and over), constant change in other peoples schedules that in parallel gave me extra time on hand. I was not happy with these cancellations at the time, but failed to see that they were occurring repeatedly for a reason. They were happening because I was asking the universe for it to happen. These changes were out of the ordinary but kept on presenting itself until I decided to take them on. The universe will give you options, and will even throw them at you, its just a matter of whether you see them and are ready and willing to acknowledge and accept it.

I hope these points give some insight that you guys are on your way towards living your life purpose!

Catch all you Seekers around! and remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With love always,