Spiritual awakening FATIGUE & how to manage it

Hello fellow Seekers! Everyone has experienced fatigue before, but there is a specific fatigue that we feel when waking up. Fatigue is a very common symptom to experience whilst going through the spiritual awakening process.

One of the signs of fatigue is feeling like you need more sleep even though you already have had plenty! (even 12 hours just doesn’t seem like enough). One of the reasons for the feeling of not having enough rest is because you’re getting ‘re-wired’ with a new vibrational frequency. This could often be taxing and exhausting for the mind and body as you are going through a transformation with ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Another sign that you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening fatigue is that you may be feeling more drained, or more easily drained throughout the day when you are around people. This is most likely because you are becoming more sensitive to the energies around you, particular of other peoples whose energies are far different to yours. You may find yourself feeling exhausted after being in a room of people and all you want to do is to go home to your bed, and of course, sleep some more.

It is very important for us to learn how to manage our spiritual awakening fatigue or else they’ll last longer than needed and ultimately affect other areas of our lives. Here are some ways you can manage your awakening fatigue.

1.  Eat a healthy, high vibration diet

There are certain foods we eat that can increase our feelings of fatigue. Often these food items are high in animal fats, salt and  refined sugar content which cause us to feel slow and lethargic. Processed food have very little nutritional value thus consuming these foods will not assist your body with the repairing that your body needs during this transitioning period. Eating high vibrational foods such as lots of fresh fruits and veggies helps boost our energy levels and immune system thus will allow us to overcome these fatigue phases quicker and smoother. I personally found that when I had switched to a plant-based diet, my life had changed. I had energy that I did not know I was capable of. Fresh green smoothies, avocado salads and platters of fruits were key to helping me overcome my spiritual awakening fatigue times.

2. Meditation or meditative activities

One of the spiritual awakening fatigues that I often experience is mental fatigue whereby I feel too exhausted to process things around me or even…think. This could be from the downloads that I am receiving which can often feel like too much at the time. I personally find meditating or activities that have a meditative state assist me with coping with my mental fatigue. Meditation, yoga or other mindfulness activities allow us to slow down and basically re-energise and re-centre our state of being. Meditating or doing meditative activities on a regular basis may help prevent you from entering an exhausting fatigue period as your mind, body and soul may be more equipped and ready to take on those moments.

3. Physical exercise

I am not an expert on the scientific effects of exercising and the mind and body. But I do know from experience that during and after exercising, my body feels re-energised and ready for so many things! Exercising feels like I had just charged my battery and now it’s on 100%. From my experience, physical exercise clears my mind. Exercising is also a great way to break that fatigue cycle by interrupting it with something that the body enjoys and thrives on. It can be as little, or as much, as 30 minutes a day just to simply get your heart pumping and stretching the muscles.

4. Visit nature

Nature has always been a place of healing, regardless if I am feeling tired or not. Nature has this ability to create clear and clean energy that we could all use some absorbing. Often being around man-made structures can causing taxing effects on our body and mind as the vibrational frequencies can be low surrounding these environments. During times of awakening fatigue, you are going through a shift towards a higher vibrational state thus surrounding yourself with environments that have a better match with your energy frequencies will help boost your current state of mood and energy. Try lying on the grass, smell some flowers, appreciate the songs of birds and even hug a tree! I can assure you all these will do wonders and it’s all free and harmless!

Even though experiencing a spiritual awakening fatigue can appear to be quite a negative phase, it is in fact a good sign! It’s a sign that you are on your path towards experiencing a higher consciousness you. So enjoy it for what it is, it won’t last, it will come and go as long as you please.

Thanks for reading guys!

I’ll catch all you Seekers around! And remember to be kind to yourself 🙂

With lots of love,

Linh 🙂